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Nepali Brand In US Market: Goldstar

Nepal’s famous brand Goldstar shoes are now available in the US market. Kiran Shoes Manufacturers, a manufacturer and distributor of Goldstar shoes, will start its sales and distribution in the US market by appointing an official distributor in the United States.

Goldstar’s sales distribution has been inaugurated in New York, USA by organizing a special event on Monday. At the event, company chairman Amir Pratap JB Rana announced that Goldstar shoes would be available from designated locations across the United States.

He said that he was happy to bring Goldstar, which is considered a very durable, affordable, comfortable, and attractive shoe by Nepali citizens to the US market. Goldstar’s flagship model 032 variant was very popular in Nepal.

Even after that, Goldstar has been sending attractive designs to the market in a timely manner. “After three decades of experience, we have crossed two continents and are now in the United States. It is a matter of great pride and we will be committed to bringing attractive shoes to the United States as well,” Rana said.

Goldstar’s shoes were started by the late Nur Pratap J.B. Rana. It is a dream to bring cheap but durable shoes to most Nepali homes. Kiran Sue Manufacturers started making Goldstar shoes in 1990 to make this idea a reality. These affordable shoes immediately became the most popular shoes in Nepal.

After the global designs entered Nepal, Goldstar has also consciously started reviewing its designs and introducing new designs. An example of this is Goldstar’s G-10 series, Goldstar’s modern sneaker-style shoes, and new shoes for everyone. Goldstar shoes are also famous in India. Before the US, Goldstar shoes have spread to Australia, Japan, and Qatar.