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“Nepathya’s Australian Tour Kicks Off in Darwin with Emotional Tribute to Late Band Member”

On the day before Saraswati Puja, while Maghe Thihi was taking place in Nepal, Australia’s Darwin was wrapped in the sweltering heat. Meanwhile, the well-known clock started to appear at exactly 7 o’clock on Wednesday at the recently renewed ‘Darwin Entertainment Center. Within half an hour, the first sound of the trip to Australia this year started ringing.

The audience gallery was filled with a mixed crowd of Nepalis who had come to Darwin to study or live. The concert started with Nepathya’s latest creation ‘Bhatbhate’. While the song was playing, the music video was shown on the back screen, which was filmed in the chaotic streets of Kathmandu. It seemed that many old residents of Kathmandu, who are currently living in Darwin, were homesick.

After that, the popular song ‘Chhekyo Chhekyo’ from the early days of the band was playing. Earlier in 2019, when Nepathya was touring Australia, the creator of the song, Shuk Gurung, passed away in Nepal. Saddened to hear this news abroad, the band paid tribute to Gurung from the stage at the next Melbourne concert. This time, just one day before the concert was held in Darwin, the band released the same video record from four years ago on their official YouTube channel.

After that, with the song ‘Bhendako Oonjaya’, it was seen that the residents of hot Darwin started to dance happily as the snow started to fall inside the hall.

“When I see you here, I feel like I have reached the village,” said Amrit Gurung, the lead singer and leader of the band, “Now I will take you to the hospital in our village.” After that, while singing “Lampate Surti”, the audience seemed to be moved by the memory of the village.

While singing songs like ‘Jomsome Bazar’ and ‘Shirphool Shiraima’, scenes shot during the trip to the hills and mountains were shown in the background. It also took the audience to Jomsom and Dhaulagiri.

“I consider myself lucky to have the opportunity to visit our beautiful hills on foot,” said Amrit, “next time when you come to Nepal, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the villages in the same way.”

Nepathya recently toured the entire country with the slogan ‘Music for Humanity’ in Nepal and has resolved to move forward with the same slogan this year. This has been done with the feeling that humanity can be promoted through music.

During the concert on Wednesday, when Nepathya’s other all-time hit song ‘Yo Zindgani’ was being played, a glimpse of the same resolve could be seen on the back screen. Even among the Australian viewers, the video prepared with scenes of those rescued from the humanitarian aid ashram was presented in the background.

As soon as this song was over, Amrit invited the Darwin audience to move forward for the sake of humanity.

In the next stage, songs like ‘Jogle Hoo Vet’, ‘Resham’, and ‘Talko Pani’ were presented to the audience. The program ended with the glorification of the national flag by reciting ‘Rato and Chandrasurje’. Amrit also requested Nepali people preserve our language and culture no matter where they live.

“Until I watched this program, it was not only entertainment but the memory of the old days and the awareness message was very touching,” Subin Kandel, the organizer of Darwin, was saying, “I am getting a very enthusiastic response from all the viewers who came to watch the program.”

Before leaving Nepal, the Australian Ambassador Felicity Volk sent a greeting message to the band. Similarly, as soon as he landed in Australia, Ambassador of Nepal Kailash Pokharel sent a welcome message from the capital Canberra with good wishes.

A 13-member team including artists, technicians, and managers is involved in this trip. As always, Amrit was supported on stage by Dhruv Lama on the drumset, Suraj Thapa on the keyboard, Suvin Shakya on the bass guitar, Niraj Gurung on the guitar, and Shanti Rayamazhi on the Madal.

In this way, the Australian chain of Nepathia, which started from Darwin in the north, will now move towards the state of South Australia in the south. The songs of Nepathya will be played on Saturday, January 28th at the Hindley Street Music Hall in the capital city of Adelaide. Nepathya was presented in that hall four years ago. After Adelaide, Brisbane’s ‘Fortitude Music Hall’, Canberra’s ‘Meaning Clarke Hall’, Perth’s ‘Metro City Hall’, Sydney’s ‘Hordern Pavilion’, Melbourne’s ‘Forum’, and finally the band’s journey will be towards the end of Australia. On Friday, February 17th, Nepathya will give the last performance of the tour to Australia at the ‘Odean Theatre’ in Hobart, the capital of the island state of Tasmania.

Photos: Niraj Aryal / Ashish Adhikari / Nepalaya