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Nishan and Mamta’s voice in ‘Timi Mero Jeevanma’ is public

The music video ‘Timi Mero Jeevanma’ has been released by Bhavsagar Entertainment. The song features the voices of Nishan Pun and Mamata Gurung. Both Nation Pun and Mamata have been in the news since Nepal Idol Season 3. The lyrics of the song are composed by Ambika Gurung. Shankar Thapa’s ‘Smile’ is composed by Rhythm and Sandesh Ruchal’s music is included in the song.

The video is directed by Nishan Ghimire. The romantic film ‘Timi Mero Jeevan’ was shot in a place called Rakhu in Myagdi. The video captures the beautiful scenery. The video has cinematography by Nishal Poudel and post-production has been done at Rad Studio.
Sudhir Shrestha and Sushila Thapa are featured in the video. Sudhir is currently a busy model in music videos. Meanwhile, Sushila Thapa has also come into the limelight with her song ‘Kati Maya Garchhau’ performed by Bhavsagar Entertainment. The public video can be viewed on Bhavsagar Entertainment’s official YouTube channel.