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Onta, New Chairperson For NFPJ

National Forum of Photojournalists(NFPJ) celebrated its Silver Jubilee. Organizing AGM in Kathmandu it had celebrated its 25 years anniversary.

AGM also declared its new committee. A new incumbent has been selected this year, which was not possible last year due to Covid. The new incumbents have been unanimously selected. Pradip Raj Ont has been unanimously elected as the chairman of the new committee.

Similarly, Krishna Khadka as the Senior Vice President, Bhagwati Thapa as the Women Vice President, Nawaraj Shrestha as the General Secretary, Mukunda Kalikote as the Secretary, Sagar Shrestha as the Treasurer, Aryan Dhimal, Ramita Chhuju, Ghanshyam Shrestha, Pradip Shrestha, Harish Singh Nagal, Pravin Kulung, and Shila Timilshina as the Central Members.