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Outrage against the government in VTEN’s new song

Popularly known as VTEN, Singer Sameer Ghising’s latest rap song ‘Galli Sadak’, has managed to stay in the spotlight. The song contains outrage against the government.

The style of VTEN’s song is the same as before, who has been repeatedly arrested for obscene songs and released on the condition of truth. The only difference is his attack. He is also targeting the current ‘Galli Sadak’ to police. Anyone can easily guess the experience of the police that VTEN has included in the song. In the song, he has even accused the criminal government of blaming him for the corrupt society.

The song, which went public on YouTube on October 30, has been trending on YouTube for a few days now. The song, which has received more than 2 million views so far, has received One lakh 92 likes and about 4 thousand dislikes. The words, music, and voice are also of VTEN in the song.