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Prashant Tamrakar’s Three Decades in Fashion

For me, my journey into the world of fashion has been an unplanned voyage. No matter how many things I have done so far, I had never planned to get into the world of glitz and glamour. During the school life, I was not clear about career path I would take in the future. As a son of an accountant father who owned an audit firm, I thought of helping my father from an early age. After SLC, I got into business studies (commerce), and while studying worked as a consultant at my father’s audit firm for 4-5 years. I wasn’t much into fashion and style during my school years. But after SLC, at the age of 15 or 16, I got interested in fashion trends that were happening in Nepal at that time. I came to know about fashions shows taking place and applied to participate in such events which kickstarted my journey into the world of fashion and style.

As it is natural for teenagers to take photos, dress nicely and walk around energetically, and I had the same desires. The only difference is that the present-day teens have several facilities available to them which were a scarce for us back then. In each generation, we get to see new things and trends happening with the opportunity to learn new things and grow. So, I am fully satisfied and happy with all the facilities I had in my time. I was sporty from a young age and participated in different sporting events then.

I got into modelling career in 1991-92 and in 1994 became a fashion choreographer. Around 1994-95, I had the opportunity to participate in international contests. Being the first ‘Manhunt International Nepal’ winner, I got chance to represent Nepal in the international arena. That too has become a part of history as before me, there was no one in the country to be called as ‘Mr. Nepal’ or the winner of ‘Man Hunt International Nepal’. So, I am happy to be known for all of these.

In the later years, I gradually started to get involved in business. I run an event management company which has organized a lot of beauty pageants, fashion shows and other programmes. With the expansion of business scope and growing interest in our work, many people associated with us over the years. Models, fashion designers, makeup artists and a lot of other people were attracted to it which gave me the opportunity to drive it all. Many have benefited from what I have been doing. I also had the opportunity to teach youths about fashion and style. It makes me very happy to share my experiences.

As someone who has struggled a lot in life, I believe there will not be success without facing challenges. I have always believed that money keeps on coming while working. My pricing is what the market decides, and the market is giving me more than what I think.

I am also in the field of cinema. My friends have been source of encouragement to work as an actor. My journey into the world of acting began when I managed to win the hearts of the audience from the movie ‘Aishwarya’.

Though not a professional singer, I am planning to release a song which was recorded 13 years ago. It was composed by the late musician and singer Sunil Bardewa. The music video of the song will be released soon, and it will be a tribute to my late friend Bardewa.


Food: I like momo and pizza as occasional meals. The traditional Nepali dish of lentils, rice and vegetables cooked by my mom are my favorite.

I like the Americano Double Shot and the Himalayan Java is my beloved café as they serve the best coffees there.

Fragrance: When it comes to perfume, I like Fahrenheit.

Ride: I like riding motorbike. Harley Davidson is my favorite ride. I also like dirt bikes as I am into adventure rides.

Eatery: I like visiting LOD, which is one of the biggest clubs in Asia.  Restaurant Like Sasa, Newa Suli are my go-to place for authentic Newari food. There are also a few restaurants in Bauddha where you can have good quality momos. For the Nepali meal of ‘daal bhat’, I go to Jimbu Thakali. Besides, I like to go to some Korean restaurants as well.

Phone: I am not a gadget freak. I don’t search for high-end phones of particular brands.

Wear: My favorite outfits are slippers, half pants, caps and sunglasses. The glasses don’t have to be branded. Having lost so many times, I stopped wearing branded glasses. But when it comes to favorite brands, I like Ray-Ban glasses. And a bag is needed. Be it any bag but it has to be backpack. Basically, I like to wear Nepali brand clothes, such as Juju Wears.

Destination: The place I have visited the most is Pokhara which is also one of my favourite destinations. I prefer traveling on road than air. I like long drives and stop by local tea shops along the way. I like village life more than the city life. I like to spend time in rural areas. People there are welcoming and are more honest than in cities.