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Premium SUV new ‘Tata Safari’ in Nepali market

Sipradi Trading, the sole official distributor of Tata Motors for Nepal, has unveiled the new Tata Safari, a premium SUV in Nepal. The starting price of this new Tata Safari is 81.99 million. The company claims that this 7-seat capacity car is a unique combination of comfort, excellent performance, and elegance.

The company says that the design of this safari is attractive, strong, and sporty. The company says that the new safari available in the ‘Tropical Mist’ color scheme is inspired by the beauty of the plants found in various parts of India.

Sipradi also said that the new safari is available for observation and test to drive through Tata Motors showrooms across Nepal. Available in blue, white, and gray, the SUV is available in nine models from XE to XJTA +, Sipradi said.