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Rapper Bizen’s New Song ‘Marey Pachi’

Rapper Bizen is not a new name in Nepali hip hop music. The same Bizen has now come to the audience with a new song ‘Marey Pachhi’.

Singer of songs like ‘Has Ta Namaste’, ‘Local Sokal’, ‘Gaunki Nani’, ‘Limbu Ho Ki Newar’, Bizen has released the song ‘Marey Pachhi’ from his debut album ‘Bizen’ from his own YouTube channel.

“I was not happy after the second lockdown. That’s why I wrote this song ‘Mare Pachi’ when I went at 4:30 in the morning to do some work at that time, he said.

According to Bizen, the song is about the person and the relationship around him. The song conveys the message that people should be able to live a happy life by staying disciplined because there is nothing permanent in life.

Bizen’s album, managed by PVE Network, is set to be released by 2021. He is going on a Nepal tour to promote the album.