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Redefining Flavour, Brick by Brick

Bricks Café isn’t a new name in the dining scene of Kathmandu. One of the go-to places for its relaxing ambience and food, our team tried to find out how the café is fairing after 10 years of its establishment. As the restaurant is quite popular among pizza lovers, it was our intent to find out if they had something better up their sleeve.

It was a pleasantly sunny afternoon, and we were a party of three. Restaurant Supervisor Yuvaraj Sapkota greeted us and showed us around. Though the place isn’t unfamiliar to me, I took a tour. There is a bar up front with a rustic decor, and similarly themed main dining upstairs. The gable with wooden beams, the walls, lighting, furniture and overall decorations gave an impression of a bygone era, and the entire ambience felt soothing. If you prefer to dine outdoors, there are upper and lower terraces with a view of the small courtyard/garden.

After the quick tour, we were seated at the lower terrace. We were first served a Duck Pakku, succulent duck pieces slow-cooked in a traditional pot. The duck was cooked with plenty of ginger and garlic, and spices like cumin, turmeric and coriander. The end result was a traditional Nepali pakku, mildly oiled and spiced, soft and juicy. The pieces almost felt like mutton and less like a bird, and it tasted great with some chiura.

Upon further inspection, we found out that the ducks were bred in Chitwan in a local farm from where the restaurant procures most of its supplies, like meats and vegetables, as a support to the local community there. The supervisor also informed that the restaurant uses up to 95 per cent of local products in the kitchen, which I personally believe to be highly unlikely. However, you can be certain that the chicken and duck used are locally bred in Chitwan.

As a second treat, a plate of Chicken Chhoila arrived at our table. The first bite of a boneless chicken piece gave strong smoky flavour, but I couldn’t taste much spices like in a traditional chhoila. There was no heat, salt was at a bare minimum, no flavour of mustard or any other oil, no acidity of any kind, it was just the smokiness that lingered in your palate. I was a bit disappointed with the dish, and was anticipating for the next round.

Fortunately, up next was a Brick’s bestseller, something the restaurant can’t go wrong with, their famous Bricks Supreme firewood pizza. It had a surprisingly soft and tasty crust, and was full of toppings. It came with olives, tomato, capsicum, smoked chicken, mushroom, bacon and onions, with a generous amount of mozzarella. Though the pizza felt saucy, the sauce wasn’t overpowering, and the entire combination felt just right, leaving a subtle smoky aftertaste of the firewood. It definitely was one of the best pizzas I’ve sampled in Kathmandu, and was the highlight of the afternoon as well.

The final two dishes were a chicken biryani and a chicken sizzler. The entire combination and course felt quite confusing, but it was what they had prepared for us. The final two dishes were just alright, run-of- the-mill preparations that don’t need much description. The biryani was a typical restaurant-style, but it tasted better than the sizzler, but that’s it about the final preparations.

Out dining experience was a medley of tastes and flavours, and the dishes apart from the pizza and the duck were typical, not excellent and not terrible either. The Duck Pakku was a creative attempt with gratifying taste, and I definitely recommend it. But for me, the pizza was the hero of the day, the saviour of our luncheon.

In all honesty, Bricks Café has an extensive menu, with diverse food preparations across a few cuisines. The ambience is a plus and their service is impeccable. Located centrally at Kupondole, Bricks can be your cosy coffee corner, a banquet for a lavish dinner, and everything in between. This versatility is another forte of the café. With all these assets, a decade-old fan-base, and its strong kitchen staff, Bricks is well-equipped to define or redefine the culinary scene of Kathmandu, if they strive for it. It would definitely be a shame if Bricks is known only for their pizzas.

Contact No: 5181100/9818965020