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‘Rocketry’ A Story Of Scientist

The movie ‘Rocketry – The Numbi Effect’ is based on the life of scientist Nambi Narayan. The movie was in the news even before its release. When you watch Nambi’s story in a movie, you are very impressed by what he has done.

He made the name of the country high from the world of science. He built a rocket engine with great difficulty. Because of this work, he did not have to rely on other countries to launch satellites, but in return for all this work, he was declared a traitor and was humiliated by the police and the people. This is a big project film by artist R Madhavan. Actor Madhavan has been seen directing, writing and even acting in the film.

The film begins with Nambi’s rejection and arrest. Some have falsely accused him of betraying the country, and he has received justice after 26 years of fighting for the same cause. Nambi Narayan was acquitted by the Supreme Court in 1998, but Nambi, 80, is unhappy with the court’s decision. He is of the view that those who have been caught in a false case will not be satisfied until they are punished. Another interesting aspect of the film is that actor Shahrukh Khan is also starring in it. In the film, he is seen in the role of a good journalist. He helps bring every aspect of Narayan’s life to the audience through the shadow of journalism. When Shahrukh Khan interviews Narayan through a TV channel, then the whole story of the movie comes out.