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Should Theaters Patronize Nepali Movies?

After the release of Dayahang starrer Kabaddi 4 and Swastima-starrer Chisho Manchhe, Nepali movies haven’t done much business. Not only Nepali films, but also Bollywood and Hollywood films have not been able to attract audiences. Many films ShowTime have been reduced within a few days of its release after the number of people who come to watch the movie has decreased.

Last week 3 Nepali movies were released together with the Amir Khan stareer Indian movie Lal Singh Chaddha and Akshay Kumar starrer Raksha Bandhan, but none of the movies could attract the audience.

Two Nepalese movie Radha and Prakash are also releasing on this Friday. South Indian movie Liger got the released date of Thursday but the film development board made the halls to give the shows for Liger only at night for its first show of release. While the theaters, which have been without business for a few weeks, are thinking of doing business with the release of Liger, it would probably be a sad thing for the theaters to ban foreign movies for the sake of saving Nepali movies. Should Nepali movies always be protected by the theaters or should they improve the movie and move towards attracting the audience? This is subject that film makers and film development boards should understand.