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Sudarshan Engaged With Supriya

Director Sudarshan Thapa got engaged with model Supriya Katawal. In the day of his birthday Thapa did engagement with Supriya.

Sudarshan, who started directing from ‘mero euta sathi chha’, has since directed films like ‘Dhanda’, ‘Madhumas’, ‘Chankhe Shankhe Pankhe’, ‘Prem Geet’, ‘Ma yesto geet gaauchhu’.

Supriya Katawal, who has modeled in more than 100 music videos, used to read news on Ap1 recently. Supriya, who has been seen in small roles in some films, has played an important role in the film titled ‘Shadhe Saat’.

It is heard that both of them had a vaccination program at the Radisson Hotel and only a limited number of visitors were invited. Sudarshan’s name was linked to Sushma Karki and Pooja Sharma. Later, both of them left Sudarshan and chose different friends.