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Surrealism and Feminism Blend in Ragini Upadhyay’s Retrospective Art Exhibition

raghini upadhyaya

Siddharth Art Gallery celebrated Women’s Day by hosting an art exhibition titled ‘A Retrospective of An Artist’ featuring the works of Ragini Upadhyay Garila. Upadhyay’s solo pieces, including paintings, prints, drawings, and lithographs created from 1978 to 2023, were showcased in the exhibition. Upadhyay, the only female Chancellor of Nepal to date. She predominantly explores the theme of surrealism and uses human bodies demonstratively in her artwork. Some of her works also revolve around feminist and matriarchal themes. The exhibition was spread across three floors, with the ground floor exhibiting artwork from Upadhyay’s high school and college years. In contrast, the second and third floors featured pieces based on social and political issues.