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Thamel-Based LOD Club Ranks 49th in DJ Mag’s 100 Best Clubs Worldwide

Thamel-based LOD Club, a renowned nightclub, has once again achieved global recognition, securing the 49th position among the world’s best clubs. The prestigious UK-based DJ Mag has released its annual rankings, honoring LOD as one of the top clubs for 2023.

DJ Mag, known for featuring the world’s finest club DJs, meticulously selects the most outstanding clubs from various countries each year. Previously, LOD had called for votes to secure a spot on the coveted list of the top 100 clubs.

In 2022, LOD earned its place on the esteemed list, ranking at an impressive 52nd position. Club director Ravin Shrestha expressed his pride in LOD’s consistent recognition, emphasizing that the club’s association with Nepal adds to the nation’s prestige.

Among 500 participating clubs, LOD’s DJ claimed the distinguished 49th rank, as announced by DJ Mag on Wednesday night. Shrestha believes that such achievements not only elevate the club’s stature but also shine a positive light on Nepal, showcasing the country’s potential on an international stage.

According to Shrestha, when a club from Nepal achieves a position among the top 100 in DJ Mag, it brings great honor to the nation. This recognition further motivates the club to enhance its allure and appeal.

By featuring prominent artists such as Romeo Blanco, Twin Rave, and other international DJs, LOD has attracted club enthusiasts worldwide. Shrestha envisions that the inclusion of LOD in the prestigious list will familiarize the global club community with the name of Nepal.

In conclusion, LOD Club’s remarkable feat of securing the 49th rank in DJ Mag’s 100 Best Clubs for 2023 highlights its continued success and promotes Nepal’s presence in the international club scene.