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The 28th Indigenous Day celebrated in Israel

indigenous day celebrated

Under the organization of the Federation of Nepalese Tribes of Israel, the main slogan is the role of tribal women in the preservation and transmission of tribal knowledge, as announced by the United Nations, while celebrating the 28th World Tribal Day with joy and happiness, Pravas Israel also held a performance reflecting the cultural identity of the tribal communities, including their original costumes. The program was completed on Friday, August 12, with dance performances.
Kanta Rizal, the Nepali ambassador to Israel, was the chief guest at the event. In addition, there was a significant presence of various political organizations, social, cultural, religious, art, literary organizations and media workers active in Israel. The program was coordinated by Dick Kumar Tamu.
Nani Maya Yonjan Tamang, the president of the Federation of Nepalese Tribal Tribes, has also said that the World International Tribal Day has been celebrated every year for the past twelve years with regard to Israel.