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The Luxury Timekeeper


Seiko’s long-standing brand popularity in Nepal is because of the trust among Nepali customers it has gained over the last many years. It’s been 125 years since the Japanese watch brand was launched in the world and has been winning the hearts of customers. Seiko wristwatches have stood the test of the time with sturdy build quality and exceptional performance which does not deteriorate even after several decades of use. Seiko watches are great value for money products as the watches keep on functioning for years without problems and do not need batteries. The watches do not need maintenance and there is never a problem of discoloration of the watches.

The Seiko watches we sell in Nepal come with a 2-year International warranty. The warranty can be claimed throughout the period in anywhere across the world. In Nepal, Seiko watches have been priced Rs 17,000 onwards.

Market competition is never a problem for a brand like Seiko which has already won the trust of the customers; customers will be happy when there are no problems on products they purchase. Now-a-days because of gifts, the demand for wristwatches is growing.

For wearers, Seiko watches make a fashion statement. The design of the watches give way to new trends in the fashion market. Seiko watches that have been designed targeting mostly youths are also available for customers of all age groups. 

Aries Gold

Aries Gold has been in the Nepali market for just one year now. Despite this, the this watch brand has gained a good market in a short time. Aires Gold is basically a brand targeted towards youths assuring quality products. The buyers of Aries Gold watches have not encountered problems. The high number of repeating customers is indicative to the excellent product quality. The price of Aires Gold watches in Nepal ranges from Rs 3,000 to Rs 8,000.


It has been 5 years since the foray of Colbert into the Nepali market. Aimed at the young generation customers, the brand’s watches have managed to gain significant presence in the watch market of Nepal in a relatively short period of time. So far, no complaints or problems have been reported from customers of Colbert. The market price of Colbert watches ranges from Rs 10,000.


Launched by Tata Company of India, Titan has been a very popular brand

in Nepal. Every week, Titan watches of new designs are brought to the market by the company. The price of this watch in the Nepali market starts from Rs 2,500. Titan watches come with warranty of up to 2 years.

Fast Track: A sub-brand of Titan, Fast Track is a popular sports watch brand aimed at the youth. Fast Track watches are of excellent quality and the wearers need not to worry about the performance. The market price of Fast Track watches ranges from Rs 1,500 to Rs 12,000.

Watches are now considered as fashion products that give a definitive style statements than machines to know the time. The abovementioned watches come with company warranty of 2 years. If you are willing to buy the watches, you can visit/contact Tele Time Center at New road, 2nd floor of Peanuts building Kathmandu. Tele Time Center is one of the best authorized showrooms for the branded watches, sunglasses and perfumes. Contact 01-4232327, 01-4232325.