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This Time For All, 8th EN Vogue Face of House of Fashion

EN Vogue 8, house of fashion Nepal

The 8th edition of EN Vogue organized by House of Fashion Nepal has been completed. The 8th edition program was organized in Kathmandu on Monday. The program was divided into two parts. In the first part, the fashion show, while in the second part, the winners of various categories and the top ten contestants were selected. The main objective of the program was to promote Nepali art and fashion.

The 8th edition of EN Vogue, which was conducted with the slogan This Time for All, included models of all body types, sizes, skin, and gender, including the physically disabled.

EN Vogue 8, House of fashion nepal

In the event, Aishwarya Dhakal and Anuj Maharjan have won the title of Brand Ambassador.

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