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“This year’s Teej is special than last year.”

Radha Dhakal Sapkota (Eagle Eye Fashion House)

This year’s Teej is special than last year. The festival was not celebrated last year like previous years due to the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown. But with the ongoing vaccination drive, there is a different atmosphere for celebrations this year. Demand for apparel is slightly different than in past years. Due to the widespread influence of social media and platforms like Tiktok, customers are now learning to change their appearances and demand the clothes that social media influencers wear.

Some customers come here even saying they want ‘viral sari’, ‘viral kurthi’ that are popular in Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook. And some customers ask for different types of designer sari and other clothes that are new and unique. There are also different types of customers who are demanding to spend money on quality material and can wear the apparels for a long time. 

Many are looking for the same type of dress. it is probably because many women haven’t met friends for a long time. For example, they look for Banarasi sarees, velvet sarees, chiffon sarees, sarees with printed patterns or netted. They want dresses with the same designs for their family members. And some demand clothes with very uncommon types of fabrics.

“The Teej fashion trend has changed significantly.”

Sagar Magar (SM Fashion Studio)

Teej is a great festival for Hindu women. Along with the religious and cultural significance of this festival, it is also a time of fashion and merrymaking for them. This Teej, demand for Anarkali Kurthi, Sharara Kurtha, and Saree is high.

Women of the younger demographic are buying Kurthas. Teenagers and those in their early 20s prefer Kurthis while older women demand Anarkali Kurthas as well as sarees of different patterns and designs. 

The Teej fashion trend has changed significantly. Earlier, women used to wear red-colored clothes. But now apparels of colors other than red have also become popular. 

Women look for the quality of the fabric very well. But many look for not-too-heavy embroidery work in the apparel and they want simple but elegant. For exquisite embroidery, sarees, and kurthas with Jari work, sequence work, stonework, and mirror work are available.

We have dresses with prices ranging from Rs 12000 to Rs 22000.