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Trendy but not Spendy

nail art

Jesna Shrestha

Who doesn’t want beautiful nails especially when we need to go to events? But the cost and time we need to spend wanting those designs on our nails are a little too much. L’ Magie was set up with an aim to provide good quality nails with beautiful designs that are both affordable and time-efficient.

The beginning of  L’ Magie kicked off last November, after a series of continuous market analyses, product evaluations, competitor analysis, and feedback from customers. “L’ Magie” means “Magic” in french and is also named as your magic shop.” Your wish our command” is the main motto of our business giving a clear meaning that we make your wish come true, which is also the reason behind nicknaming our business ‘Your Magic Shop’.

The dire and tired situation of waiting hours for our nails to be done is a concerning problem of trend following beautiful ladies in Nepal thus can be solved with our gel polished based press-on nails. Our product is very convenient, flexible and is very durable for use at a quite promising and reasonable price. These press-on nails are glue-less but are gel tapes that don’t affect the nails or sensitive skin.   L’Magie started off as a nail salon focusing only on press-on nails during the running we noticed a demand for more handmade products. Concurrently following the market sequence now we have products like mask chains, bracelets, spec holders,s, and masks. L’Magie is further looking into more of the handmade products along with listening and pleasing our customers.