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Yuddhaka Ghauharu: Unaddressed Scars of Nepal’s Armed Conflict

The play delves into the lasting repercussions of enforced disappearances, sexual violence, displacement, mutilation, and physical torture during Nepal’s ten-year armed conflict, which remain unaddressed to this day. Despite the vision of a new and prosperous Nepal, the physical and psychological wounds of war have been overlooked. The play’s purpose is not to conceal these wounds, but to raise awareness that they still persist.

War is a tragic affliction upon human civilization, with its consequences reverberating in various countries worldwide. Present-day consciousness is reevaluating these wars, and this play is a part of that endeavor. It aims to review the war and its inhumane consequences through the eyes of the victims.

The play was prepared by the first batch of students from the Mandala Drama School, which operates under the title of ‘Theater for Social Transformation and Peace Building.’ ‘War Wounds’ is an extended version of the play ‘War Wounds 2.0,’ originally created by the students during their training. It was staged on 24th July 2023 at the Academic Thespians Theater Festival in Colombo

The play is written and directed by Anjan Pradeep and Co-Directed by Sanjay Vishwakarma. On stage Aditya Mishra,Akash Nepali, Anil Kurmi, Niraj Babu, Sanjay Vishwakarma, Sarita Kathayat, Sumitra Pehim and Sushmita Pokhrel are seen in major roles.