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Sapana Anek Anek: Happiness is found in one’s own country

Play, Sapana Anek Anak

The musical drama Sapna Anek Anek, based on the short story ‘Ama Hun Ama’, is being staged at Sarvanam Theater in Kathmandu from July 20. The play was conceptualized and directed by Ashesh Malla, while the musical story was composed by Geeta Khatri.

Play, Sapana Anek Anak

The play includes People who dream of reaching America from their motherland, even though they reach America, they yearn day and night for the memory of their own country, and the feelings of such yearning have been presented through the medium of song and drama. Here the mother is presented in the drama as a symbol of motherland with motherhood.

Play, Sapana Anek Anak

The play has music by Ranju Singh and singing by Sathyaraj Acharya and Banika Pradhan. The choreography of the play is done by Pramila Karki Upreti. Manoj Maharjan, Dheeraj Thapa Magar, Shu-Goon, Ravin Pariyar, Niriksha Ghatani, Bhavna Uprati, Milan Shakya have performed in the play.

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