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Professionally a Doctor, Aiming to be a Miss Universe

Dr. Aayushnova is a medical doctor, and a subtitler-translator to different movies, documentaries, and music videos. She is determined for social work, especially in the diversification of accessible health for all. This multi-talented doctor is currently preparing for Miss Universe Nepal.

How far did your preparations for Miss Universe Nepal go?

After being selected as one of the quarter-finalists, we have been given 2 tasks with one question-answer round on the 24th of July. The semifinalists will be announced on the 2nd of August, based on which, we start our closed camp on the 8th.

You are a doctor by profession, but how did you enter the entertainment industry?

Being a doctor, I can only provide a bill of health to the people who can afford it. I want to use my knowledge of medicine equitably- in the sectors that do not have an access to affordable health care. Therefore, Miss Universe Nepal. This platform will give me the expedition to help and provide for the underserved sectors. Also, I have always wished to be a Disney princess. The entertainment industry in Nepal is far-fetched from Disney but ‘together we can bring change’.

Where do you see yourself in Miss Universe Nepal?

I see myself representing myself as a kind, humble person, and I take my benignity as my core strength. With or without the crown, I want to show the universe that compassion and humility can make the world a happier place.

Your mother is also in the film industry, don’t you want to embrace your mother’s profession?

To me, any profession requires undivided effort. I won’t, unfortunately, be able to juggle my academics with entertainment. Maybe I’ll consider it after I finish my master’s degree.

Dr. Aayushnova

Even at such a young age, your way of thinking is very high, is it because of someone’s inspiration?

It takes a village to raise a child. Likewise, it is my family, and every person I have interacted with that have been my driving force.

What other things have you done?

I am also a subtitler translator. I wrote my first subtitles when I was 12 years old and I wrote a script for a documentary when I was 13 years old. I also have a debut song to my credit. It’s a patriotic song called “Tehi Saccha Nepali” and has a record of featuring the highest numbers of legendary artists with scholar and chancellor Mr. Satya Mohan Joshi.